Sunday, September 19, 2004


This mini blog is dedicated to the "Hedgerows" modification I have made for Airborne Assualt: Highway to the Reich, a real time war game published by Panther Games. I've created this blog as a dedicated resource rather than post the mod info up at the Airborne Assault HQ, which features a lot of information about the making of this mod.

The Hedgerows mod introduces hedgerows as a terrain element. The game had been developed exclusively to portray the land in Holland where operation Market Garden took place. Hedgerows do not figure prominently into that terrain.

But there were (and still are today) hedgerows in Normandy, and this small mod allows players to develop maps that realistically portray the battles that took place in the "bocage."

Included with the launch of the mod is a map of the area in Normandy northwest of St. Lo, where the US 30th Infantry Division fought the Germans for the ownership of the hills above the city.

Also included is an all new OOB with ersatz US units constructed from British estabs.

The mod is available to anyone that wishes to play and/or tinker with it to make it better.




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