Monday, September 20, 2004

Screens / AAR

The Fight at Pont Hebert

Elements of armored Task Force A have discovered a weakness in the German defenses and have penetrated along the Vire River to Pont Hebert. The 1st and 3rd Battalions of the 119th Infantry Regiment follow southward to secure the crossing.

The enemy reaction comes swiftly, as the Germans commit recently arrived elements of Panzer Lehr to seal off the penetration. The forces confront each other in the hedgerows on the eastern bank of the Vire.

Seeking to flank the Germans, the 3rd Battalion maneuvers around the eastern edge of Panzer Lehr's lines. The attack goes in well, but looses momentum as darkness falls and exhaustion overtakes the troops.

The next morning, a deadly Panzer Lehr counterattack drives the 119th IR backward.

Before long, however, more elements of Task Force A arrive, attacking southward along the east bank of the Vire. From the West, the 1st Battalion of the 120th Infantry Regiment enters the scene to secure the bridge and clear the East bank.

The overmatched German troops withdraw southward to regroup and make a final stand in St. Lo.


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