Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Download Instructions

Here's how to download the Hedgerows mod, map and scenario.

Click here for the version with Map cache (4.78 MB)

Click here for the plain version (where you will need to create your own Map cache if you want one) (827 KB)

Here's the readme text (for the version with map cache):

Airborne Assault: HIGHWAY TO THE REICH

HEDGEROWS Expansion Pack - BETA 1.01

Welcome, this pack contains an historical Normandy map based on the area between the Vire and Taute rivers. It also contains a scenario (semi-historical to not-so-historical)for a battle in the hedgerows. The expansion map also contains a terrain modification introducing hedgerows into the game as a terrain element featuring new movement and cover characteristics and supporting tile graphics.

This terrain modification and map are designed by Dan Lamb, aka Rooster.

The Map covers an area of approximately 21 by 14 kilometers and is provided with one ready to play scenario.

Extract into your "Airborne Assault" game directory, the Map and Scenario files will then be copied into the correct directories.
The map files (map and cache) should end up in the "Airborne Assault/Maps" directory.
The scenario files should end up in the "Airborne Assault/Scenarios" directory.
NOTE: The two terrain graphics files "mappat.bmp" and mappatA.bmp" belong in the "Graphics/Maps" directory. Please be sure to back up your original map graphic files so you can easily convert back to the original files.

Map Cache:
This ExPack comes with a map cache.

10.4 Meg Hard Disc storage with map cache.
Version 2.2.86 or later of the Airborne Assault: Highway To The Reich game.

Included Files:
ReadMeHedgerows.txt - This file
MapPat.bmp - Map texture file
MapPatA.bmp - Map transparency file
StLo.aam - Map file
stlo.aam.cache - Map cache file
Hedgerows - Beta Version 1.01.AAS - Scenario

Copyright 2004 Panther Games Pty Ltd, All Rights Reserved.


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